About us

WERA began from a collaboration between Deakin University and Symbiosis University in Pune, India with funding from the Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration: A Government of India Initiative from the Ministry of Human Development for a project on women entrepreneurs in India.

This project inspired a continued collaborative research relationship between Deakin Business School and the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management on the important topic of women and entrepreneurship with Deakin and Symbiosis the co-founding partners of WERA.

This group is called a research alliance, as it is important that collaborative relationships are developed across organisations, institutions, sectors and countries to address the global issue of the underrepresentation of women as entrepreneurs and decision-makers in entrepreneurship ecosystems.

It is the intention of WERAs intention to grow the group from the two founding partners of Deakin and Symbiosis. Research collaborations have already been developed with the University of Economics and Law, Vietnam National University, the Australian Studies Centre at Universidad ORT in Montevideo Uruguay, and the Faculty of Economics and Business at Universidad de Chile.

We welcome any group, especially those outside of higher education, to join WERA and work together to support the success of women entrepreneurs worldwide through research, training, development and advocacy.

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