About the research

We are seeking volunteer research participants to be involved in a study about trans men and transmasculine people’s experiences of sexual health services in Australia. The study aims to understand whether trans men’s and transmasculine people’s specific sexual healthcare needs are being satisfactorily addressed, whether or not they find the advice, education, diagnoses and treatments that their healthcare practitioners provide to be appropriate and relevant, and how it can be improved.

The research is also seeking to understand how trans men and transmasculine people feel about their experiences of sexual healthcare, and how their experiences are impacted by different social, cultural or structural factors. The project will focus on relationships between patient and service provider, asking not just whether medical care was provided, but also whether or not participants felt safe, respected, and comfortable in the process of accessing treatment.

This study is open to anyone who is a trans man or transmasculine, including non-binary people who identify with transmasculinity.

The project is community-focussed, led and conducted by researchers who are part of the transmasculine community.

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