Dr Emily McAvan (Deakin University) will be presenting 

“The Transthropocene: Contagion, Pollution, Toxicity”

 where she talks about religiously inflected ideas of nature, climate change and transphobia

This is part of the Writing, Literature and Culture/Reading Writing Futures seminar at Deakin University online Wednesday 1 May. Join on Zoom (email for the passcode: [email protected])


Assoc Prof Anna Halafoff and Dr Hannah Gould presented a Buddhist Studies / sociology / anthropology paper at the University of Melbourne’s Swiftposium, opening Sunday 11th February.

Anna’s and Hannah’s paper on Taylor Swift’s song Karma was presented at the Swiftposium on Tuesday 13th February. 

Spirituality, Wellbeing and Risks Symposium, 22-23 June 2023, Deakin Downtown and Online.

This two-day symposium gathered scholars from The Spirituality and Wellbeing (SWell) Research Network arising from the Australian Research Association funded Discovery Project on Australian Spirituality: Wellness, Wellbeing and Risks (2023-2025).

The 2023 Symposium page contains all the recordings from the event.

(Dis)locating Coloniality: Lived and Digital Religious Flows across the Indian and Pacific Oceans, 9-10 June 2022, Deakin Downtown/Zoom.

This two-day workshop centred First Nations perspectives, and brought together local and international scholars and practitioners to critically reflect on the place, presence and infusion of coloniality in historical and contemporary religious experiences. It focused on transnational flows of religions across the Indian and Pacific Oceans, between Asia, Africa, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

The project website contains all recordings from the event.