The Mathematics Yearbook

The Deakin University Mathematics Yearbook publishes student reports and articles in all areas of mathematics with an aim of promoting interest and engagement in mathematics and celebrating student achievements.

The 2022 edition has just been finalised.  It includes nine articles including 8 coursework articles and one based on a student research project.  It is available through TROVE and the National and State Libraries [here] and will soon be available through DRO.  

The 2021 edition includes 7 coursework articles, where students have extended upon submissions in their mathematics units, as well as 4 articles based on student research projects conducted throughout 2020 and 2021. The online version can be downloaded from DRO [here] or through the State Library of Victoria and Trove [here].  Hard copy versions are also available through Lulu if you’d like to purchase one (these are done at cost price – we don’t collect any profits from these). 


Yearbook 21 cover  


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