How to Submit:

There are two possible submission pathways:

1. You can submit a completed blog mirroring the structure of the “Radical Empathy”

The framework of each blog is specific and is a collaborative exercise combining practice and research. One researcher writes the first 500-700 works, the second responds with 500-700 words, the first participant responds to this and the second responds by concluding the dialogue. Each of the four sections must begin with a quotation. The curators work with the contributing pair of researchers to shape each dialogic exchange into a publishable form with references, links, and relevant imagery. Any submissions and enquiries should be sent to Dirk de Bruyn ([email protected]) and/or Glenn D’Cruz ([email protected])

2.  You can submit a titled 500-700 word opening Stanza, and the curatorial team will place that on the invite page for 2 weeks, inviting other researchers to respond and set in train the dialogue between the two participants.