The ‘dialogics’ blog frames an ongoing international dialogue about contentious and provocative issues such as political polarisation, identity politics, populism, nationalism, social media and biopolitics, among others. We regularly invite and welcome dialogic exchanges from academics working at the interstices of creative practice and theory. We aim to develop and popularise a dialogic platform for publishing creative research outcomes and initiating critical discussion of often invisible and difficult research questions.

The blog is currently curated by Dirk de Bruyn, Glenn D’Cruz and Stefan Greuter.The Dialogics Blog enhances the professional profile of the Deakin Motion Lab (DML) in critical academic areas by exploring dialogic exchange as a means to move practice, thought, and opinion.

The framework of each blog is specific and is a collaborative exercise combining practice and research. One researcher writes the first 500-700 words, the second responds with 500-700 words, the first participant responds to this and the second responds with concluding the dialogic stanza. Each of the four sections must begin with a quotation. The curators work with the contributing pair of researchers to shape each dialogic exchange into a publishable form with references, links, and relevant imagery. Any submissions and enquiries should be sent to Dirk de Bruyn ([email protected]) and/or Glenn D’Cruz ([email protected])