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Nutrition is an active science that has grown rapidly and continues to do so. Staying current is paramount. This blog will help those with an interest in nutrition stay up-to-date with the latest in nutrition research. The blog is backed by nutrition research and teaching staff within the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences. The School is the largest nutrition department in Australia and houses many world-leading nutrition researchers.

The blog will also be a platform for many of our engaged students across our degree programs in food, nutrition and dietetics to also have a voice and provide their insights from a student perspective.

So keep coming back to view content that will be updated regularly, or subscribe to the blog by email.

We hope you get value out of this blog and welcome your suggestions for blog topics.

The blog is run by the Deakin Nutrition Social Media Working Group, who are researchers and lecturers within the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences. Learn more about them here.

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About the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

The School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences is one of only a few schools internationally that is specifically focused on teaching and research in both nutrition and physical activity. This focus is increasingly important as poor nutrition and inadequate physical activity contribute significantly to the burden of disease, both in developed and developing countries, increasing the risk of chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, osteoporosis, cancer and depression.

nutrition and exerciseOur aim is to provide the evidence base to promote health and improve performance, drawing on our expertise in basic science, clinical science and population health. Nutrition and dietetics has a long history at Deakin with a world-leading research profile, and degree programs in high demand taught by engaged teaching staff.

As part of the Faculty of Health, the School provides a vibrant environment for learning and conducting leading-edge research. More than 1900 students are enrolled in the School’s courses, with programs offered across three Campuses as well as off-campus and supported by more than 140 academic, research, administrative and technical staff.

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  • As a pharmacist, I find the blog extremely helpful in providing me with the information I need to provide my customers with nutritional advice that will benefit their health and wellbeing and help me research the 100’s of FAD diets I get exposed to by customers looking for advice on that “diet” that will help them lose weight OR reduce the pain of their arthritis OR flatten their tummy OR make their hair and nails grow OR stop their vertigo………..

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