The special issue of IDEA journal includes twenty-two BoK2019 conference presentations developed into full papers, selected for publication through a  double blind peer-review process.

Co-Constructing Body-environment: idea journal 2, no. 2 (2020).

in addition it is available via:

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  • Beginning in 2020, all issues of IDEA journal will have approximately 30% of the articles uploaded to the IDEA website and the AADR website at the date of publication. The entire issue will be open access on these sites one year later. You can find the sample articles HERE.

The aim of the special issue is to extend the current discussions of art as a process of social cognition and to address the gap between descriptions of embodied cognition and the co-construction of lived experience.

We asked for papers to be developed from the presentations delivered at the conference, with a focus on interdisciplinary connections and on findings arising from intersections across research practices that involve art, theories of cognition and, in particular emphasis on how spatial art and design research approaches enable the articulation of the complex inter-relationships among environments, spaces and experiences.

Authors submitted Expressions of Interest and were given feedback towards the development and submission of full papers or visual essays, which will be double-blind peer reviewed.

IDEA journal Chief Editor is Julieanna Preston and the guest editors are Jondi Keane, Rea Dennis and Meghan Kelly. Visit the site to learn more about the Journal and the upcoming issues: