Distinctive Features of BoK2019 include a range of events and presentation modalities that are designed so that the conference attendees can experience a variety of opportunities for exchange and engagement with an emphasis on the connections between research inquiries operating within and across art and science.

Keynotes Conversations 

The keynotes will consist of paired presentations. Each keynote presenter will speak for 30 minutes before entering into a conversation on an agreed upon project, processes, experiment and/or outcome of embodied research in art and science, before taking questions from the audience. 

Conference Sessions will allow delegates to nominate a presentation modality: 

  • Scholarly papers – 20 minutes + 10 minutes Q&A.
  • Performative and or participatory presentations – 20 minutes + 10 minutes Q&A. There will be appropriate venues available (e.g. dance studios, theatre rehearsal space). Presentation in this modality must be self-contained, utilising house computer and projector.
  • Peripatetic sessions – 20 minutes. These sessions will be conducted as mobile discussions where presenter and audience walk and talk on a selected route on campus, in the adjacent sport field or in the gentle Gardiners Creek Reserve which has extensive walking trails.

Audit Traces

Audit Traces is an experimental undertaking to track, record and report on potential collaborations at the intersection of art and science within the framework offered by BoK2019. The concept refers to a generic language and modelling of processes that can help show how knowledge originating in one discipline might come to impact practice in another. Where processes of different disciplines overlap, what occurs at this intersection of ideas and methods may not appear in the end products of a collaborative research program. Audit Traces can help draw attention to what happens or might happen in these overlaps.

For BoK2019, a small team of researchers under the guidance of Scott deLahunta will be participating in different parts of the conference. Hosted in the CUBE space, the new interdisciplinary research laboratory at Deakin, the Audit Traces team will work together in dialogue with delegates to create a map of exchanges between artists and scientists, addressing the challenges and potentials of collaborative research. More information will be available upon Registration.

Special Exhibition. 

The BoK2019 Conference ExhibitionThinking Rooms for Enacting Knowledges which will be on display throughout the proceedings. The works will feature process drawings, notes, interviews, trials and all manner of working materials and collaborations that demonstrate the thinking processes from the artists research projects. the range of processes activate the relationship between material engagements, enactive theories of cognition and neurodiversity.

The Exhibition will open on the first evening of the conference, Thursday 27 June at 5:30pm  in the Searby Studio Space (HD2.006. just past the SAGE restaurant (Conference Caterers).  The Opening Speaker will be Professor Emma Kowal, convenor of the Science and Society Network (Alfred Deakin Institute).

BoK2019 Conférence Exhibition artists

  • Patricia Cain
  • Liz Cameron
  • Frances Joseph  & Miranda Smitheram
  • Scott Andrew Elliot
  • Michael Chapman, Beth George, Pia Ednie-Brown,
  • Henry Daniel

The EXHIBITION CATALOGUE can be viewed >>  ‘here’ <<

Patricia Cain – Thinking Room


Publication opportunities.

The organisers are currently looking into publication outcomes for an edited collection of papers from the conference either as a book or special issue of a journal. Information will be announced as it becomes available regarding the submission deadline, paper length, and the reviewing process.