HDR Seminar Series with Academic Leaders

The following information is posted on behalf of Associate Professor Edward Podolski, Faculty HDR Director, and Research Services.

Mark your calendar for our Seminar Series organised exclusively for PhD students in the Faculty of Business and Law, featuring four leading international academics and their individual academic journeys.

Find out about their transition into academia, their individual approaches to research, and what it takes to succeed as a researcher.

Each speaker will give a unique perspective from which all PhD students can learn. We strongly encourage you to attend all four seminars, as this is a exceptional opportunity to learn from leading academics from around the world about the universal approaches to research and how to be successful in academia.

Attendance at these workshop goes towards assessing your eligibility to receive future HDR financial support applications.

See details below for seminars scheduled for 2019. A specific calendar invitation will be sent before each event.

Each seminar will be followed by light catering.


Date/Time Speaker Location
Friday 26 July, 3pm-4:30pm Brian Connelly, Auburn University LB 3.323
Tuesday 6 August, 12am-1:30pm Russ Wermers, University of Maryland LB 3.323
Tuesday 10 September, 2pm–3:30pm Joseph Fan, Chinese University of Hong Kong LB 3.210
Tuesday 8 October, 11:30am–1:00pm Rigo Mate, Yale-NUS LB 3.323






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