Using NVivo for Literature Reviews

The following information is from the Library Research guide on using NVivo 12 for Literature Reviews and Analytic Writing.

NVivo 12 is software designed to enable qualitative and mixed-methods research, and has been developed by QSR International.

Although some of NVivo’s advanced features are for dedicated qualitative researchers, NVivo can also provide significant help with any kind of analytical writing.

The guide focusses on literature reviews. However, the same techniques are potentially applicable to:

  • conference papers
  • articles
  • commentaries
  • book reviews
  • legal memoranda or submissions
  • student essays


Find out more:

Link to Introductory Videos from QSR HERE


At this stage the Library is unable to provide comprehensive support for NVivo, but if you are interested in further information or assistance, please contact the Library Research Team. We will do our best to help!

Contact:  [email protected]


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