Congratulations to new Doctoral Grads!

Business and Law celebrated a new group of doctoral graduates whose degrees were conferred at the graduation ceremonies held on 19 June 2019 at the Costa Hall –

Dr Anita Medekar, whose PhD thesis is entitled Factors Determining Medical Travel Decision: An Empirical Study of India, supervised by Dr Ho Yin Wong  and Professor John Hall (Marketing).

Dr Daniel Pelchen, whose PhD thesis is entitled Quantifying Draft Value in Prospective Australian Football League Draftee, supervised by Dr Paul Turner  and Dr Katie Rowe (Management),

Dr Rajiv Nair, whose PhD thesis is entitled The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosures on Investors’ Interest: Evidence from India, supervised by Associate Professor Arifur Khan (Accounting).

Dr Paul Saintilan, whose PhD thesis is entitled Managerial Orientations and Beliefs in Large Music Organisations, supervised by Associate Professor Ambika Zutshi, Professor Amanda Pyman and Dr Pandora Kay (Management). 

Dr Josip Vlahek, whose PhD thesis is entitled Artisans Sustainable Livelihood and the Marketing of Myanmar Handicrafts, supervised by Dr Mehdi Taghian (Marketing).

Dr Johnny, whose DBA thesis is entitled Consumer Evaluations and Organisational Responses to Catastrophic Service Failures, supervised by Dr Nichola Robertson, Dr Lisa McQuilken and Associate Professor Josh Newton (Marketing).


Pictured below is Dr Anita Medhekar, receiving her doctorate from the Chancellor at the graduation ceremony.

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