The inauguration of the Bob Fuller HDR wall combined with our first HDR social gathering.

The Bob Fuller HDR wall commemorates our former colleague who sadly passed away earlier this year. Bob was very passionate about research and supporting HDRs, and the wall is an opportunity to communicate the research done by HDR students within the school. Bob’s partner Pauline Nunan joined us and shared with us some of Bob’s research student’s stories and the great appreciating they had for him.

We would like to thank Mehran as the HDR representative and the HDR students who helped pin up profiles on the wall.

The ‘Social Gathering’ events, as proposed by the Head of the School in the School Research Committee (SRC) meeting, aim at bringing all HDR students, their supervisors and other researchers within the School together to meet and discuss on research related matters. In fact, these gatherings will provide benefits to both HDR students and academic staffs, and eventually to the School of Architecture and Built Environment.

For HDR students, (1) they have the opportunity to share and discuss their research with other academic staffs and researchers to find out the alignments of their research with the School research direction (IDF); (2) to receive feedback on their works, and (3) to establish research collaboration towards publications.

For academic staff, and in particular for Early Career Researchers (ECRs), (1) they have the opportunity to meet with all the HDR students within the school that come from various background and with different research topics,  (2) the opportunity to engage with the existing supervisors to be involved in the student’s supervision team to complete the experiential components of their Fast Track supervision process, (3) the opportunity to collaborate with the HDR students and the supervisors in future research and publications.

For the School, it provides the opportunity to increase research collaboration between HDRs, supervisors and other staffs, and also the opportunity to align the HDR’s research with the School research direction (IDF).


Astrid and Akari
(HDR Coordinators)