#VacantGeelong Exhibition – ICONIC INDUSTRY

Industry Tracks

Industry Tracks is a visual/aural project first presented at the Geelong After Dark Festival in May 2017. Blending the past, present and future of industry and its contribution to local culture Industry Tracks records a passenger train on its journey to/from the edge of the city of Geelong; through [...]

Ford Factory | Megan Jones

This film on the Ford Factory for car manufacturing documents the factory workers capturing their production and embodied memory within this industrial architecture.

Ford Factory | Michael Faulks

This film on the Ford Factory for car manufacturing documents the assembly of the factory building, with design and assembly parts integral to Ford's major architect, Albert Kahn.

Ford Factory | Chayakan Siamphukdee

  This film on the Ford Factory for car manufacturing documents the interior assembly of the manufacturing process, presenting the machinic inhabitation of the factory interior.

The Iconic Industry Book

The book of the #Vacant Geelong team’s Iconic Industry exhibition has now been published! Iconic Industry: Exploring the Industrial Built Fabric of Geelong catalogues the exhibition that was recently on show for six weeks at the National Wool Museum in Geelong. Written by Mirjana Lozanovska, David Beynon, Cameron Bishop, Diego [...]

Exploring Geelong’s Creative Future

The #VacantGeelong research project on Geelong's vacant industrial space has moved into its next stage. Deakin University’s #VacantGeelong project  presented a symposium this week at the National Wool Museum to discuss the historical impact of Geelong’s industrial spaces and potential for their future, as explored through a number of new [...]

#VacantGeelong – Artisits Round Up

Amanda Shone What We Remember/What We Forget 2014 Amanda Shone works closely with people and spaces to emphasise the things that go unnoticed, but once evoked, are hard to shake. Her work suggests that our unconscious gestures reside in the undercurrents of culture, and seep into our relations with space [...]

SAVE THE DATE – Vacancy & Preservation Symposium

Vacancy and Preservation: the architecture of the post-industrial community   In the period between 2015 and 2017, the #Vacant Geelong project has developed a large body of original artistic works that respond directly to vacant industrial spaces and the memories that have shaped what it has meant to live in [...]

Iconic Industry Exhibition

ICONIC INDUSTRY EXPLORING THE BUILT FABRIC OF GEELONG 24 AUGUST to 1 OCTOBER - National Wool Museum This project provides a creative exploration of Geelong’s industrial identity, and a collaborative interface between architecture, art and community. Its intent is to focus artistic processes on the re-activation of memory and erasure as [...]