About us

Research, Development, and Consulting 

School of Information Technology @ Deakin University are a team of highly experienced and innovative people committed to solving difficult real-life business problems.

We work with our industry partners to invent and innovate so they can gain a competitive edge amongst their competitors. 

Our industry partners include Bosch, Fujitsu, Oracle, DSTG, TAC, NAB, Agersens, Parks Victoria, UK Ministry of Defence, and many other businesses in Energy, Infrastructure, Finance, Manufacturing, and Health. 

Talk to us if your business is looking for innovative solutions in IoT, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Decision Support, Software Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Optimization, Blockchain, and VR/AR. 

Contact us to discuss ways we can form a partnership to understand your business and co-develop innovative solutions. 

Prof John Yearwood, Head of School          A/Prof Vicky Mak-Hau, Associate Head of School (Industry Research)    



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