Useful links


Amazing space
Ask an astronaut
Centre for Science Education
Exploring planets in the classroom
Star child
Windows to the universe
Earth and Moon Viewer
Your Sky
Site with multiple links to sundials
Building a sundial
Sundial template
Sundial questions
Cassini: voyage to Saturn
Cambridge astronomy
Nine Planets
NASA resources on the solar system
Exploring our solar system and beyond
Planet scapes
Windows to the universe
Views of the Solar System
The Planets
All About Atoms
Solar Eclipses
Orbital paths of the planets
Phases of the Moon
Lunar eclipse
Comet Hyakutake
Photographing the stars
Origins: Galaxies, stars, planets … and life
Stars and universe
Cosmiverse online
Stanford Solar Centre
The Sun
Stephen Hawking’s universe: physics & astronomy
Classroom of the future (COTF)
entre for Earth and planetary studies
Eye on the universe: the Hubble Space Telescope (2)
Mt Wilson Observatory
Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)
Space place
What is a satellite?
International space station overview
Space station: facts and figures
SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) Institute
An overview of Aeronautics
NASA spacelink

Chemical substances

Alphabetical listing of the elements
Online periodic table
Science education at Jefferson Lab
Floating Soap Bubbles
ChemShorts for Kids: giant bubbles
ChemShorts for Kids: science of soap bubbles
Chem4Kids ‘happy atoms’ 
Plastics in sport
Science is fun
Chemshorts for kids ‘a stampede’
Cooling system to identify plastics
ChemShorts for kids


Chemical reactions

Endothermic and exothermic reactions
Chemical agents used in warfare and their effects
Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR): ‘Toxics and health’
United Nations: ‘Persistent organic pollutants’
Logo designs of hazardous chemicals classes
Types of extinguishers and fires
All you ever wanted to know about fire-extinguishers
Environment Canada’s ‘Acid rain’
‘Science is fun’
Put a shine on it
Food batteries experiment

Earth’s climate

Atmosphere: layers
Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology: learn about meteorology
Australian Greenhouse Office
Bad Meteorology
BBC Weather
Clouds and precipitation
Gander Academy: weather theme
Hurricane: Storm Science
Instructional Materials in Weather and Climate
National Severe Storms Laboratory
Ozone Monitoring Network 2003
Project Atmosphere Australia Online
Protect Our Planet Home Page
Victorian Weather and Warnings
Weather: what forces affect our weather?
Weather and Global Monitoring
The Weather Channel
World Meteorological Organization
Bureau of Meteorology website for recent rainfall data in your location
Bureau of Meteorology

Earth’s structure

Current volcanic activity—useful links: USGS
Earthquake Hazards Program—Northern California
The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom
Minerals Council of Australia
Minerals Downunder
Minerals Education Victoria
Mountain Maker, Earth Shaker
National Earthquake Information Center
Plate tectonics: the cause of earthquakes
Project Atmosphere Australia Online
Puzzles of the Earth (Earth’s structure, plate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis)
Ring of Rock formation 
Rock and Mineral Dictionary
Rocks and Minerals: Franklin Institute
Rocks and Minerals: Kentucky Geological Survey
This dynamic earth: the story of plate tectonics
USGS Volcano Hazards Program
Volcanoes online
Volcanoes page: Michigan Technological University
Volcano types: USGS
Outline maps suitable for hand plotting earthquake locations:


Activities to Explore Static Electricity
‘Electricity’ misconceptions in textbooks
Experiments with Static Electricity
Exploratorium Science Snacks
Sparks and Lightning
Electricity safety world
Electrical safety
Which way does the “electricity” really flow?
Electricity Connect: Materials for Students & Teachers



Force, motion and machines

Family science: a SOFweb resource site for science
How Stuff Works
Kid Info: physics
Queensland Museum

Physical changes to matter

Solar still designs(1)

Solar still designs(2)



Science is fun: Soft water and suds

Working Scientifically

Victorian curriculum and Assessment Authority