• Me in a Minute

What is it?

Me in a Minute is an innovative video strategy that promotes the acquired knowledge and capabilities of Deakin students and graduates to prospective employers through a
one minute video presentation.

Why should you do it?

Creating a Me in a Minute video that can accompany your job application will provide you with an edge, through a tool to actively promote yourself and increase your chances of getting employed.

It also has the following benefits:



On your knowledge, skills and experience.

Easily Make Your Own

Easily Make Your Own

Use the script and teleprompt tool to produce your Me in a Minute.

How to make your own

In a one minute video presentation to camera, you will answer a number of questions which will prompt you to talk about your skills, knowledge and experience which you have gained while studying at Deakin, both at university and beyond.

1. Discipline specific knowledge and capabilities: appropriate to the level of study related to a discipline or profession.

5. Problem solving: creating solutions to authentic, real-world and ill-defined problems.

2. Communication: using oral, written and interpersonal communication to inform, motivate and effect change.

6. Self-management: working and learning independently and taking responsibility for personal actions.

3. Digital literacy: using technologies to find use and disseminate information.

7. Teamwork: working and learning with others from different disciplines and backgrounds.

4. Critical thinking: evaluating information using critical and analytical thinking and judgement.

8. Global citizenship: engaging ethically and productively in the professional context, and with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as well as diverse communities and cultures in a global context.

We suggest you choose up to three Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes and include relevant images or videos as cutaways to evidence your acquired knowledge and capabilities. More detail on GLOs is available.

Download the attached files by clicking on the document to view it, then click your right mouse button and select Save Image As.

A text version is available.

Prepare and record your own Me in a Minute video.

Set up and use Deakin Air tool for webcam recordings.

Using YouTube to host your video.

Watch all student videos

Use the playlist below to watch videos or link to our YouTube Me in a Minute channel.

Script and Record Your Own Video