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Textbooks and reading lists

For each unit, you are studying, you will have a prescribed textbook (if required) and a reading list. The reading list includes compulsory and recommended reading resources, including books, book chapters, journal articles, websites and media.

Your unit guide has a complete list of your learning resources located on your unit site provides you with a list of resources and readings you’ll need. Unit sites open on 27 February 2023 during OWeek.

Want to get prepared early?

Some units have their reading list complete available early; others are confirmed during OWeek. You can also access a reading list on My reading list site by typing your unit code into the search.  If the reading list is ready, it will be displayed. If there is a prescribed text listed we encourage you to use the library Get textbooks page to check if any textbooks listed have been confirmed, to ensure you only buy textbooks needed.

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