International students

Welcome to Deakin! We're going to guide you through moving to Australia, getting started at university and completing your first trimester. Explore the six phases below to find essential information, tips and resources that will help you make a successful start at Deakin. Navigate to where you are in the trimester, look ahead and get organised for what’s coming, or check back to make sure you're on track.


It’s never too early to start getting ready for university. In Prepare, you’ll find everything you need to get organised before Orientation. Check your enrolment in StudentConnect, check your Deakin email, explore DeakinSync and register for key Orientation events.

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Nice to meet you! Orientation is about getting to know Deakin and everything the university has to offer. Learn about essential apps, our campus culture, our student association DUSA and, most importantly, how to be safe and make friends.

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Week 1

Your first week of classes will be both exciting and overwhelming, and we’re here to support you. Here you’ll find information on what to bring to class, what facilities you’ll find on campus, how to build your academic skills and where to get a range of help if you need it.

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Weeks 2–6

At the start of your first trimester, you should focus on two things: your studies and your wellbeing. Discover all the support services available to you on campus, from library staff to student mentors to doctors and nurses. Reach out to these services when the time is right for you, and achieve your best.

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Weeks 7–9

You’re over halfway through your first trimester! It’s time to reflect on your academic work and reach out for feedback from Study Support staff and student mentors so you can do your best. You might also like to research getting some work experience, or, if you’re feeling out of your depth, have a chat to one of our counsellors or chaplains.

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Weeks 10–12

The pointy end of trimester is all about your exams and final assignments. Learn about referencing your work, dealing with stress and anxiety, applying for special consideration and getting support if you need it.

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