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4 March 2022

Do you know about recent changes to Deakin Card and printing on campus?

If you didn’t study in Trimester 3, 2021 and are logging on to Deakin platforms for the first time in a while, you need to know about some changes to Deakin Card – your official student ID.

What’s changed

While you should always have your Deakin Card with you whenever you’re on campus, you can no longer put money on it or top up your balance.

From Thursday 31 March you also won’t be able to use it to pay for any purchases you make on campus or online – for example, at cafes, the Merchandise Shop, DUSA or Health and Wellbeing Centres (most of us already use our phones to pay for stuff anyway, right?).

The best part is that you no longer need to put money on your Deakin Card to print on campus. You’ll still use your card to access printers and release your jobs, but it won’t cost you anything. Yes, you read that right – printing is now free!

What hasn’t changed

Deakin Card has a range of uses, and most of these will stay the same. As well as being your official student ID and printer access card, you still need your Deakin Card to:

If you’ve still got cash on your card …

We’ll be refunding any credit to students who still have personal funds or ‘Deakin Dollars’ awards left on their cards. If this applies to you, please log in to StudentConnect to enter your bank details or check any existing information is correct. You’ll find this option in the left-hand menu under the ‘Personal details’ tab. 

Printing dollars awarded to you from your faculty won’t be refunded but will contribute towards any printing required above and beyond the fair use policy. 

Remember that you can still pay for things with your Deakin Card until Thursday 31 March. If you’ve got some money left on yours, why not take advantage of campus reopening by catching up with your friends in one of our many cafes? You could also grab some gear from the merch shop or DUSA Bookshop.

Just contact [email protected] if you have any questions. 

Haven’t got your Deakin Card yet?

It’s a good idea to get your Deakin Card soon after you enrol in StudentConnect. If you haven’t got yours yet, here’s how:

When you order online, you can either collect your card in person at one of our Student Central Hubs or have it posted to you. If you select the mail option, you’ll receive your card via Australia Post. We’ll notify you through our online enquiry system when you can expect to receive it – this will probably take around two weeks (or four weeks if you’re overseas).

And while you’re here …

It’s not just Deakin Card that’s changed – DeakinSync has also had a makeover! Get to know what’s changed – including the new layout, navigation and features.

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