Deakin University’s Simpsons Computer Vision competition

Deakin University students have again been invited to compete by developing the best algorithmic model for the 2022 Deakin Simpsons Computer Vision competition. With the aim of increasing student participation in co-curricular activities to help enhance student’s learning experience, Dr Mohamed Reda Bouadjenek and his colleagues from the innovation team, Dr Sunil Aryal and Rita Wu, organized this creative competition.  

Undergraduate and postgraduate Deakin University students were invited to take part by developing a machine learning model to answer a natural language, Yes/No question and given an image of Simpsons. Once the model was built, students submitted it to be evaluated and after evaluation, their entry appeared on a leader board to compare their performance against other competitors. Winners were chosen based on highest accuracy score and a thorough technical review, with prizes being given to the top 5 teams of students.


Dr Bouadjenek said that “we plan to run this competition every year” to provide students with the opportunity to work as team members, to compete, and to enhance the student learning experience by improving their AI modelling, problem-solving, and team-working skills. This year again, the innovation of our students “was well beyond the scope of the technical AI material” taught in our units at Deakin University, explained Dr Bouadjenek. Some students have “pushed their boundaries toward goals of excellence and have learned how to be fully independent” as no technical support was offered for this challenge.

Deakin University’s Simpsons Computer Vision competition


Project Officer for School of Information Technology at Deakin University, Rita Wu, explained how funding from Community Bank at Deakin University helped this initiative to go ahead, stating that,

“The continued support from Community Bank at Deakin University was crucial to the success of our event. The grant has enabled us to incentivise, attract and reward the best talents of Deakin to take part in the competition. Community Bank at Deakin University is truly a community-centred organisation that not only cares about providing opportunities to upskill our students, but also embraces soft skills such as collaboration and building an innovative mindset. I look forward to working with CBDU again in the future on more exciting opportunities for students!”

The Deakin Simpsons AI competition was again very successful for the team that put it together. Student engagement was very high this year with more than 100 participants who made 400+ submissions. The leader board was constantly changing throughout the competition, instilling a great sense of friendly competitiveness between peers.

Deakin University’s Simpsons Computer Vision competition is just one way Community Bank at Deakin University is helping to contribute to the Deakin University community. If you would like to apply for funding for your initiative through Community Bank at Deakin University, please visit our Community Strengthening Fund page for more information.*

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