News on our HDR students and graduates

Congratulations to Shruti Verma who was selected as the new PRME Global Students (PGS) Regional Leader in Oceania for a ten month term until June 2022.

Facilitated by PRME, PGS is a student-run initiative that aims to co-create a space for fruitful and creative collaboration, collective reflection, to empower and create value for student organizations worldwide in the realm of sustainable development. This was a competitive role where Shruti was selected by the PRME HQ based on her interview performance and her ongoing work in sustainability. You can read more on the PGS website.


And find out about two of our Business and Law PhD graduates, who are excelling in their careers:

Dr Kim Encel, whose PhD research at Deakin in sports management – on the evolution of the AFL Women’s League – has led him to a career as a consultant with UNESCO.

Dr Akanksha Jumde, whose Deakin PhD in law has taken her to academic appointments at the National Law University in Jodhpur, the University of Delhi, and the Institute of Rural Management in India, and most recently, appointment as a Post-Doctoral Fellow appointment at the National University of Singapore.


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