December Catchup

We held our last catchup for 2020 on 8 December and as always, it was great to see faces, albeit still on Zoom.  As well as a fun quiz hosted by Sid Murthy, which tested our knowledge of Melbourne’s history and landmarks, we had a presentation on industry placements, an update on the HDR Representative role, and welcomed new PhD students who started since August this year.

Career Pathway Placements

Brooke Cotton, HDR Career Pathways Officer in the Deakin Graduate Research Academy, presented on options for Career Pathway Placements, also known as Internships.  

Internships provide valuable learning experiences, allowing students to ‘test the waters’ in industry, and gain practical skills and knowledge. It is an opportunity to build networks, expand career pathways, and foster research partnerships to build foundations for future collaborations.

Brooke noted that APR Intern have recently changed their funding model to further incentivise university and industry engagement and collaboration – a fantastic opportunity for students and supervisors to build partnerships!

New APR Intern Model:

  • Available to both domestic & international students
  • 90% industry rebate now available (valid for domestic students only)
  • 50% industry rebate (valid for international students only)
  • $3000 per month stipend paid to student
  • $5,500 once off payment to supervisor
  • $5,500 once off payment to APR Intern
  • Internships can be 3-5 months in duration
  • E.g. 5 month internship costs $26,000 (to be paid up front)
  • 90% rebate means actual cost to industry partner for 5 months (after rebate) is only $2,600
  • Opportunity for Deakin University only! If the Academic Mentor is happy to do so, Deakin can contribute $2,600 from the $5,500 contribution back to the Organisation upon completion, making the overall out of pocket cost for the project $0!
  • Agreements to be signed by 31 March 2021
  • Internship to be completed by 31 August 2021

For more information about the APR Intern program or to apply directly to their advertised opportunities please visit:

To find out more about Deakin’s Career Pathway Placement program please visit:

If you are interested in undertaking an internship, have an organisation in your network you wish to collaborate with or have any questions please contact [email protected].

Brooke’s presentation: Placements-Presentation-8Dec2020

APR Intern currently has an opportunity that is perfect for B+L students,  especially law students. Apply online:

HDR Representative Role

The HDR Representative‘s role is to bring any issues or needs that fellow HDR students have raised to the Committee, and to give an HDR student perspective to discussions. The HDR Rep usually puts out a call for input (through the BL Research team) to the HDR cohort a week or two before each meeting.

We thanked Amir Sharifsamet for his contribution in this role, and welcomed the incoming HDR Rep, Margarita Vladimirova.

Welcome new PhD Candidates

We welcomed one of our newer PhD candidates, Thuc Nguyen, who started in August, along with a group who are part of the Deakin India Research Initiative (DIRI) program –

Student Department   Start Date Thesis Topic
Bullipe Reddy Chintha Department of Finance Off Campus DIRI  11 Nov   2020 Are MNCs generating increasingly higher profit margins in foreign operations?
Nitin Vishen Department of Finance Off Campus DIRI  11 Nov   2020 Essays in Finance
Abdul Mohi Khizer Department of Accounting Off Campus DIRI  19 Aug   2020 Do managers exploit disclosure filing window legally
Thuc Nguyen Dept. of Information Systems & Business Analytics On Campus  19 Aug   2020 Influencing Customer Emotional Response to New Products and Services by Using AI-Generated Marketing Materials
Rajita Varma Department of Marketing Off Campus DIRI  19 Aug   2020 The Impact of Advertising on Consumer Retention and Experience in Mobile applications


2020 Research Team Wrap

The Research Services team’s 2020 reflections are encapsulated in this video


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