Get smart on thesis writing and editing

Need help on thesis writing, or editing advice?

Writing up to 100,000 words can be a daunting task, but there are ways you can brush up on your writing skills. 

Consider joining a Thesis writing group, check out online Writing for Research resources, or team up with other PhD students for Write Here, Write Now! (formerly Shut up and Write).

More advice on writing your thesis can also be found at The Thesis Whisperer, a blog by an Australian academic, which is dedicated to the topic of doing a PhD and completing a dissertation.

If you’re nearing the Editing stage, speak to your supervisor for advice and read the FAQs for Research Students.

Consider these tips before seeking HDR funding for professional editing services to save yourself some money:

Remember – Faculty HDR Support Grant for thesis editing is capped at $AUD 1,000.  Any amount above this needs to be self-funded.

The link for the HDR Support Grant contains the application form and details and approvals needed.

Obtain a quote from the provider to submit with your grant application, and an estimated timeline. 

Deakin does not recommend a particular editor, but has several editing services that students have used in the past, such as those listed below. Speak to your supervisor as well, as different disciplines may have specific editing requirements.

Follow the tips on self-editing to help reduce your total expense, prior to sending to professional editing.


We also encourage you to utilise the writing and study skills support available at Deakin Study Support, especially where English is not your first language.  Appointments are available for an individual consultation.


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