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Writing a Publishable Paper with Professor Leyland Pitt

In November 2018, the Faculty of Business and Law hosted a two-day BUiLD Workshop on how to write publishable papers with Professor Leyland Pitt. The workshop included five sessions on why and how to publish, how journals work, how to target your preferred journals, and how to craft a publishable paper.

Professor Leyland Pitt

Professor Leyland Pitt

Leyland Pitt is the Dennis F. Culver EMBA Alumni Chair of Business, Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, and, Distinguished Fellow, Hanken, Swedish School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland. His writing workshops are highly regarded and PhD students who have attended his workshops have an enviable record in publishing.

Leyland graciously allowed us to record some of his Deakin sessions (for PhD student’s use only). A short summary of each session is below. You can access the recordings in the Resources tab of your HDR Research Cloud along with the handouts that were used in the workshops. 

Research Supervision with Dr Tamsin Paige and Professor Robert McLaughlin

Dr Tamsin Paige

Dr Tamsin Paige

We have also uploaded to the Resources tab a recording of the very popular BUiLD workshop on Research Supervision that we held in May 2019 with Dr Tamsin Paige from the Deakin Law School, and Robert McLaughlin from UNSW. Tamsin and Robert discussed what worked for them in their student-supervisor relationship, what makes good supervision and what both students and supervisors can do to achieve this goal. Tamsin and Robert are in the Law discipline but the ideas and suggestions they discuss are relevant to all disciplines. Happy viewing!

Writing a Publishable Paper with Professor Leyland Pitt

Testing Ideas and Testing Papers, Part 1 & 2

These introductory sessions cover ways to identify and place yourself in your academic community, and look for opportunities to make your name, ways of working in a team, order of authorship,  and how to look for opportunities in publishing your work.

Why a PhD?

This session covers the right and wrong reasons for embarking on a PhD, the difference between the UK/European and American model, and provides some examples of exemplar PhD papers in the Marketing discipline. It also provides a brief overview on academic journals and ways to identify scams and predatory journals.

Answering Questions New Scholars Often Ask

This session covers the research and publication process, canvassing the role of research in academia and its relationship to practitioners. It also provides an overview of journal and journal rankings, impact factors, what ‘publishable’ research looks like, and asks the questions ‘Where do ideas come from?’

Answering Submitting your work to a journal

This session covers how to decide which journal to target, getting your paper ready, how to craft your communications with the editorial team, what happens after submission, looking at reviewers comments, and finally, tips on dealing with rejection. 

Workshop handouts

Famous rejected papers in Economics

Josh Bernoff’s 10 Top Writing Tips – and the psychology behind them 

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