Qualtrics tricks and tips

Qualtrics is Deakin’s research survey tool of choice.  After extensive testing of other survey platforms, Qualtrics is the only one recommended for use, with excellent functionality, security, and accessibility.

Part of Deakin’s licencing agreement with Qualtrics includes access to a support website. Among other things the website includes some excellent on-demand webinars and live training and for those with more specific needs, there is also access to a 24/7 support centre. 

The following links offer a wide range of help and information –

Getting Started – Create an account / Login

Deakin Software – Research Core, API Integration, Offline App

For help using the tool – webinars, live training, User Manual and Support team

Survey methodology – best practice articles, sample size calculator, research success kit

Online Research Participants – or email Tom Priddis: [email protected]

Data Analysis Guide

Citation Guide – Cite or Reference Qualtrics in Research

Additional Functionality – TextiQ, DriveriQ, StatsiQ, Conjoint Tool, SMS Distribution, File Upload

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