Reports on the Communist Party of China Celebrations from network members in China

How the Communist Party of China’s Centenary was celebrated at one university in central China

Dr Yingmei Luo

Lala gymnastics performance (image supplied by author)

The 1st of July 2021 marked the centenary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and there have been various celebrations at every corner of the People’s Republic of China. In government agencies, non-government organisations, universities, schools, hospitals and business associations, various events and activities, such as stage performances, recitation and competitions, were held to celebrate the history of the CPC.

Lala gymnastics performance (image supplied by author)

At one university in central China, the celebratory activities for the 100th anniversary of the CPC started in May this year. All staff members took part in a competition of collective Lala gymnastics. Students’ advisors participated in a contest “telling the history of the CPC”, while university students joined an English-speaking competition themed around “A letter to 1921”. At 8am on July 1, CPC staff members and students from different Schools or Departments gathered in meeting rooms to watch the live centenary celebrations held in Tian’an Men square. On social media, hundreds of WeChat moments expressed a sense of excitement and pride:

“Today, all my WeChat moments are about the centenary of CPC. People show their gratitude for and give best wishes to the CPC”, said Xiao Song, a doctor in a local hospital.

University staff watching the July 1st celebrations live in Beijing (image supplied by author)



China’s Communist Party turns 100: a report from Ningbo

Dr Wen Xu

Light show in Ningbo (image supplied by author)

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) marked its 100th anniversary on July 1, 2021. Ahead of the anniversary, various activities were held across the country to celebrate this milestone, with most focusing on the Party’s history. In the city where I am based, Ningbo (宁波), a coastal city in Southeast China, a large-scale, dazzling light show themed ‘Follow the party forever’ illuminated the city centre.

Light show in Ningbo (image supplied by author)

Tens of thousands of spectators visited the CBD in an excited and happy mood, taking photos and sharing them on social media instantly. The light show highlighted the Party’s achievements, and its 100th anniversary has been marked in many other major cities as part of the grand celebration.


University students & staff (image supplied by author)



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