We are excited to celebrate the publications of our network members – we will feature their work here. Be sure to check back to see what is new, and let us know if you have a new book you’d like to share!

We are also putting together a shared Zotero library – you can view the library at this link. Please get in touch with Rebecca if you would like to become a member of the Zotero group.



New publications

Dr Jeffrey Gil from Flinders University has published The Rise of Chinese as a Global Language – Prospects and Obstacles. Jeffrey’s book investigates the macroacquisition of Chinese – its large-scale acquisition and adoption for various purposes by individuals, governments and organisations – and the implications of this process for the future of English as a global language.








Yingmei Luo has published A New Representation of Chinese Learners. Using an institutional ethnography, the book examines Chinese tertiary students’ experiences of learning English in Sino-Australian programs in China.

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