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Research & Engagement

The project produced a wide range of research outputs (both traditional scholarly works and non-traditional engagement).

Journal articles


Conference presentations

Guest lectures, talks & teaching

Public events, panels, radio & podcasts


Your home, office or uni affects your mood and how you think. How do we know? We looked into people’s brains, The Conversation (2022, October 17).

How architecture affects human behaviour, iMotions (2020, October 27).

How close are we to understanding how buildings affect our emotion?, Acoustic Bulletin, Ecophon Saint-Gobain (2020, June 8).

Building up good feelings, Geelong Advertiser (2020, February 28).

If You Build It, They Will Feel, Deakin Disruptr (2020, February 24).

Why my childhood home is etched into my subconscious, Domain, The Age (2019, December 9).

Researchers on national stage for Falling Walls Lab Australia Final, Deakin University Newsroom (2019, October 17).

Research for feelings inside, Geelong Indy (2019, September 30).

Architecture PhD Candidate Takes Out the Faculty 3MT Competition, Deakin University Architecture + Built Environment Blog (2019, June 13).

‘Architecture with Feeling’ receives John Paul Eberhard Fellowship, Deakin University Architecture + Built Environment Blog (2018, November 20).

Fellowship to support better understanding of built environment, Deakin University Newsroom (2018, November 6).

Competing on the global stage: 2016 Mayfielder awarded American research grant, Learning Environments Australasia (2018, September 25).

Research Fellowships and Grants

Prizes and Awards

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