100 Years of PEN International

Together in Literature

For 100 years, PEN has been committed to defending the freedom of all people to express ideas without fear of attack, arrest, murder or other forms of persecution. This centenary arrives at a time when borders are closing, authoritarianism is ascendant and the voices of many are silenced. In the face of this opposition, PEN continues to uphold the fundamental role of literature as a force for change, in bringing together people of diverse experiences, fostering understanding and inspiring conversations across cultures.In this special event, held on the international Day of the Imprisoned Writer, an assembly of voices and languages paid tribute to the work of PEN and rejoiced in the power of the written word.

Featuring readings and reflections came from Arnold Zable, Shokoofeh Azar (commissioned writer in Verandah 36), Hidayet Ceylan, Jackie Mansourian, Anna Takluem and Chris Lwin. The event was hosted at the Wheeler Centre by PEN Melbourne Ambassador Sami Shah. Check the event out here: https://www.wheelercentre.com/events/together-in-literature-100-years-of-pen-international (~1hr)