Deakin University (Deakin Research and the Faculty of Arts and Education) presents:

Unruly Techniques: Linking Knowledge Practices through Art, Science and Technology 

Friday 14 August from 10.00am to 5.45pm at Deakin University, Melbourne City Centre Level 3, 550 Bourke St, Melbourne

The Unruly Techniques Research Symposium will map the knowledge practices informing current research programs and projects across the arts and sciences. The aim is to come away with a collection of practices that best equip us to build speculative and practical approaches to collaboration that address shared concerns.

The Symposium will be structured around five keynote presentations by Margaret Wertheim, Christine Wertheim, Anna Munster, Takashi Ikegami, and Vaughan Prain, followed by Q&A sessions and panel discussions that engage with the keynotes’ provocations.

The ways in which we acquire and act upon knowledge has become increasingly unruly in that they are tied to cultural, historical and geo-political parameters of our time. Cooperation and collaboration is needed to negotiate the rules of knowledge engagement and their application to common concerns regarding technological mediation, institutional structures, embodied engagement, diversity, social justice and the frontiers of the human-non-human collective.

The Unruly Techniques Symposium provides a way to navigate current knowledge practices that cross disciplines and sectors. By mapping current interdisciplinary collaborations it becomes possible to devise innovative ways to mobilize practitioner-researchers at Deakin in regional, national and international projects.

Photo credits: Top row – Rikki-Jean Boag, DeakinMotion.Lab, Dan Armstrong, MotionBank-Ulrike Stumpp. Bottom row – Nada Stokic, MotionBank (Synchronous Objects Project, The Ohio State University and The Forsythe Company), Rikki-Jean Boag, Dan Armstrong.