The Collaborative Team Teaching Project

The Deakin team welcomes the opportunity to present a project that is expected to have a significant impact on educational outcomes and makes a key contribution to Victoria’s establishment as the Education State.

Deakin has conducted a literature scan across relevant academic, policy and professional learning sources that establishes the full range of collaborative practices available. They have also conducted a survey of a sample of schools to confirm the types of collaborative practices, and descriptors of such practices, currently being used in Victorian schools.

Deakin’s in-depth scan of the existing literature establishes an evidence base of the impact of different approaches on student outcomes and the impact of various approaches on teachers and their practices. The findings from this scan will flow into the development of the practitioner-led action research framework to investigate how the findings of the literature might play out in the Victorian context.

It is expected that this work will include rejuvenation of teachers’ capabilities to identify areas of improvement in relation to collaborative practices and team teaching, and these will be integrated into teachers’ action research programs. Participating teachers will be supported in designing a practice-based research plan while reinforcing participants’ understanding of their roles as teacher~researchers who collect and analyse data about changes to their practices that may lead to:

  1. increased levels of student engagement
  2. improvements in the the quality of the student responses during learning
  3. improvements in student learning outcomes (compared to previous students achievements in similar subject/contexts).
Deakin University in partnership with
Department of Education and Training Victoria

Department of Education and Training Victoria