Module 2: Culturally Sensitive Communication

Scenario 1 Learning Module Questions

The cultural responsiveness framework (Department of Health, 2009) articulates six standards for culturally responsive practice that specifies key performance improvement measures to achieve the standards over time.

Standard 1: A whole-of-organisation approach to cultural responsiveness is demonstrated
Standard 2: Leadership for cultural responsiveness is demonstrated by the health service
Standard 3: Accredited interpreters are provided to patients who require one
Standard 4: Inclusive practice in care planning is demonstrated, including but not limited to dietary, spiritual, family, attitudinal, and other cultural practices
Standard 5: CALD consumer, carer and community members are involved in the planning, improvement and review of programs and services on an ongoing basis
Standard 6: Staff at all levels are provided with professional development opportunities to enhance their cultural responsiveness

Cultural responsiveness framework 
Read pages 10-27 of the Cultural Responsiveness Framework Guidelines for Victorian Health Services.