TOPAT “Teaching out-of-field: Preparing Adaptable Teachers”


About the TOPAT research project

This project examines the curriculum of secondary teacher education programs in response to a demand for adaptable early career teachers.

The research is exploring teacher education students’:

  • experiences in their course and on placement
  • perceptions of how the course prepares them to be adaptable and flexible, such as when teaching out-of-field
  • expectations for their future teaching career, and
  • experiences across a number of years through a future longitudinal study in 2014

TOPAT newsletter – December 2013

Newsletters will be used to communicate progress and findings for the TOPAT project, as well as give useful information for your professional development.

TOPAT newsletter December 2013

TOPAT online survey 2013 Final year students in secondary teacher education courses in Victoria and NSW have been invited to participate in an online survey to gain their perceptions on how well they are prepared to be adaptable and flexible teachers.


Video about the TOPAT project


lhobbsDr Linda Hobbs
Chief Investigator
School of Education

Phone: +61 3 5227 2661
cjlcAssociate Professor Coral Campbell
School of Education
Phone: +61 3 5227 1485
jenni-smallJenni Cottrill Research Fellow
School of Education


Case studies 2013

Nine teacher education courses from Victoria and NSW will act as Case Programs. Case studies are used to focus on how teacher education prepares teachers to be adaptable and flexible; from both the student and teacher educator perspective.

Longitudinal study 2014

Pre-service teachers from the online survey participant group have been invited to register for a longitudinal study commencing in 2014. Early career teachers will be followed over a number of years.