2017 Contemporary Approaches to Research in Mathematics, Science, Health and Environmental Education Symposium

23-24 November 2017

Deakin Downtown
Level 12, Tower 2, Collins Square, 727 Collins Street, Melbourne

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Sponsored by Research for Educational Impact (REDI) in conjunction with the STEME Research Group

The symposium will focus on practical and theoretical aspects of research methodology. It follows the highly successful symposia held annually from 1993 to 2005 and again from 2010 to 2016, in which methodological techniques and issues (such as socio-cultural perspectives, productive use of quantitative data, collaborative practitioner research designs, analysing discourse) have been discussed in a lively, informal setting.

It is expected that academic researchers and higher degree by research students will gain from the symposium. Please encourage your research students to come even if you cannot attend.

Keynote Speakers

Amanda BerryProfessor Amanda Berry
RMIT University

The challenges of capturing and analysing science teachers’ knowledge of practice.

Amanda Berry is a Professor in Education in the RMIT School of Education. Amanda’s program of research focuses on teacher knowledge development and how that knowledge is shaped and articulated through teacher preparation, beginning teaching and continuing learning. Amanda has been involved in many research projects focused on innovations designed to address the quality of teacher professional learning and to enhance science teaching and learning in schools and universities, and her  work has been taken up and used by researchers internationally. More recently, Amanda has begun to focus on the interdisciplinary connections between science and the other STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/ Mathematics) subject domains, including how the key practices and ways of knowing of these different domains can be taught and learned in an integrated and meaningful way.

Vaughan PrainProfessor Vaughan Prain
Deakin University

Tracking disciplinary learning in interdisciplinary projects

Vaughan Prain has extensive experience in researching innovative teaching and learning approaches in primary and secondary science. He has focused particularly in recent years on students learning through engaging with representational affordances within and across visual, spatial, linguistic and embodied modes as they construct accounts of scientific processes and claims. This has led to increased interest in the conditions, tasks, and learning sequences that support student multi-modal and creative reasoning.


Full registration                                          $100
Students not in full-time employment   $ 60

Please register online to attend this symposium. The above fee includes morning and afternoon tea, and lunch.

For enquiries please email:

Expression of Interest: Presentations

The closing date for expressions of interest is Friday 6 October 2017.

Each of the two days will feature a keynote speaker introducing a methodological perspective.

Presentations at the symposium will be grouped into sessions of four to five presentations designed to promote focused discussion of a methodological issue. The methodological issues should be broadly related to mathematics, science, health, or environmental education. Following each presentation session, there will be the opportunity for extended discussion of methodological issues, theoretical framing, research design, instruments and their application, and approaches to analysis. There is equal time devoted to discussion as to presentations.

Presentations will be of 10 to 15 minutes duration. Each presentation should briefly outline the research question being addressed and may include the findings or likely outcomes of the research, but should focus mainly on the research methodology. Reports on work in progress are welcome.

If you are interested in presenting at this symposium please submit your expression of interest below, referring to the CAR Symposium Template.

Presenters will be asked to submit a short written paper of 3 to 5 pages for online publication in the symposium proceedings.

EOI for 2017 Contemporary Approaches to Research Symposium

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