Congratulations to Dr Linda Hobbs and Deakin STEME team for ARC Discovery Grant!

lhobbsCongratulations to Chief Investigator Dr Linda Hobbs and the Deakin STEME team for winning an Australia Research Council (ARC) Discovery Grant. The project will run between 2015 and 2017.

Dr Linda Hobbs, Dr Robert Whannell, Prof Russell Tytler, A/Prof Colleen Vale, Dr Frances Quinn, A/Prof Coral Campbell, A/Prof Terry Lyons

Project Summary: 

Teaching out-of-field (teaching a subject without qualifications) is a rising concern internationally, and is linked to attrition, stress, and reduced student learning outcomes. With a comparatively high percentage of out-of-field teachers, Australia is exposed to significant social, economic and educational costs. Through the development of longitudinal case studies, this project investigates the changing landscape of teacher perceptions and practices over three years, within school institutional cultures relating to teacher assignment, support, and out-of-field mathematics and science teaching. Outcomes of the project will aim to inform the development of system and school policy and practice, in dealing with this internationally pervasive issue.