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Career Management for Early Career Academic Researchers - Online

Explore different career options and understand what you want from a career

Being an early career academic researcher, whether you’re a doctoral student or research staff, can be challenging: should you pursue further academic research? What skills will help you progress in an academic career? What other career options are open to you?

On this course you will answer these questions and more, considering how to manage you career and reflecting on what you want out of a career. You will be encouraged to consider different career options, both within and outside academic research, and build your confidence in marketing yourself in applications and interviews.

This course is available online via Future Learn. The course duration is four weeks, with a three hour time commitment per week.

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Why Research Matters

Imagine a world without research, where governments implement policy based on hunches and manufacturers release products without testing.

Research allows us to solve problems on a global scale and make evidenced-based decisions.

On this course, you’ll get an introduction to what research is, and why it’s so important to us all. You’ll learn about key research concepts, and use real-world case studies to analyse different research scenarios.

You’ll discover how to make evidenced-based decisions effectively, and learn to identify an interest area for your own research.

This course is developed and delivered by Deakin University, online via Future learn.

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Understanding Research Methods

This Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is about demystifying research and research methods. It will outline the fundamentals of doing research, aimed primarily, but not exclusively, at the postgraduate level. It places the student experience at the centre of our endeavours by engaging learners in a range of robust and challenging discussions and exercises befitting SOAS, University of London's status as a research-intensive university and its rich research heritage. The course will appeal to those of you who require an understanding of research approaches and skills, and importantly an ability to deploy them in your studies or in your professional lives. In particular, this course will aid those of you who have to conduct research as part of your postgraduate studies but do not perhaps have access to research methods courses, or for those of you who feel you would like additional support for self-improvement. No prior knowledge or experience in research is required to take this course and as such, the course is for everyone. This MOOC draws on a wealth of existing course material developed to support research training across SOAS, University of London and particularly drawing from the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy (CISD). In 2015, the course was nominated for the prestigious Guardian University Award for its innovative approach to online learning.

This course is developed and delivered by The University of London, online via Coursera. The time commitment of this course is 10-15 hours.

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The Library supports the teaching and research activity of the University, and provides staff development in finding and selecting relevant information for different purposes. We also support the management of information resources (for example, making readings available to students or managing references in an EndNote library). Sessions from the 2017 series of Academic Capacity Building sessions are now available for you to view at your convenience.

Developed by the Faculty of Business and Law, Building Capacity for Enhanced Learning Opens in a new window includes numerous blogs, events, sessions and resources.

BUiLD Opens in a new window supports research capacity building and capability development in the Deakin Business School and Deakin Law School. BUiLD also promotes the generation of research networks both within and outside Deakin by bringing people together in real and virtual environments. BUiLD welcomes involvement from all members of the Deakin Business and Law community. The BUiLD website draws together a world of information about BUiLD events, research support, research news and resources. To get involved with BUiLD, please contact the Faculty’s Associate Dean (Research) Alfred Deakin Professor Ingrid Nielsen or register for BUiLD events and workshops as they are announced.

Originally founded in 2006, Deakin Motion.Lab Opens in a new window was established to intersect research, art and technology. Today, it’s considered one of the most technologically advanced motion capture facilities in Australia. In 2016 Deakin Motion.Lab evolved, expanding to become one of the University’s key Strategic Research Centres: the Deakin Motion.Lab – Centre for Creative Arts Research (DML-CCAR).

eResearch: Training and events Opens in a new windowprovides access to a wide range of technical training workshops, from beginner through to advanced levels in High-Performance Computing, MS Excel, programming, data management, cleaning, visualisation and exploration, and more. There is no cost to Deakin researchers and research students for participating in these training workshops.

The Graduate Research Academy Opens in a new window coordinates the development of thought leaders and innovators, people with the discipline knowledge and professional skills necessary to push the frontiers of knowledge and make the world a better place in every respect. It is the fundamental purpose and high calling of research degree education and academic researcher training to produce individuals who epitomise this leadership. The Deakin Graduate Research Academy (GRA) provides opportunities for Higher Degree Research (HDR) students and academic researchers at all levels to expand their skill set and support their continuing professional development.

Use Research Professional Opens in a new window to set up saved searches and email alerts for funding opportunities relevant to you. Research Professional provides guidance sheets to help you establish your profile.

Deakin Research Opens in a new window provides support for our researchers in finding, applying and managing research grants, awards and prizes. Deakin Research also provides supervision and training for its research students.



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