The ‘leadership’ skill set provides access to resources across a range of leadership levels, from peer leadership to senior staff.


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Workplace Mental Health for Leaders
This course allows mid-senior level staff to better understand mental health issues, duty of care obligations, responsibilities and boundaries. The course prepares leaders to engage in effective communication with their staff, including identifying concerns, discussing and assessing, developing solutions collaboratively and following up. The course will conclude with essential help resources
Face-to-faceProfessional staffN/AFor dates and to enrol: DeakinPeople
Queries: training@deakin.edu.au
Face-to-face, 2.5 hours. Have you ever wondered why we make the decisions we do? Using a range of engaging methods, this course will examine the impact of our unconscious biases and thinking styles on our everyday decisions, including those involving recruitment and team fit at work. We will explore how to surface and counteract those biases to ensure we make sound decisions. To prepare for the program, we suggest you explore the range of implicit association tests at the https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/australia/takeatest.html Implicit Association website.Face-to-faceAll staff. This course is highly recommended for decision makers and those who recruit staff.N/AThis course is available upon request. Please contact Genevieve Kavenagh for more information.

kgen@deakin.edu.au and 0437 785 279
Leading Yourself
Before you can effectively lead others, you need to lead yourself. In this course, learn how to manage your mindset, behaviours, and workplace relationships to help you stand out in your organisation and in your industry as a leader. Whether you're on the management track or you're an individual contributor, authors and leadership experts Lisa Earle McLeod and Elizabeth McLeod can help you take charge of your own learning. They explain when and where you need to be leading yourself, as well as how to track your goals, take charge of your own development, and even give yourself a performance review. Plus, learn tips for motivating yourself, leading your peers, and managing your boss.
Topics include:
- managing your mindset
- assessing your leadership needs
- motivating yourself
- leading yourself in tough times
- managing your behaviour
- setting goals
- giving yourself an honest performance review
- managing your boss
- peer to peer leadership.
On demandAll staffN/AAvailable on demand via lynda.com
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Leading with Emotional Intelligence
Emotions are all around us in the office, and it's important for leaders to understand how to harness them to cultivate productivity and positive relationships. In this course, lynda.com director of learning and development Britt Andreatta shows how to develop emotional intelligence to better lead teams, work with peers, and manage up.
On demandAll staffN/AAvailable on demand via lynda.com
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Transitioning from Manager to Leader
Much like management, leadership is a skill that can be taught. In this course, executive coach Sara Canaday shares proven strategies to help you shift your mindset from manager to leader. To begin, you'll learn how to enhance your personal growth by practicing self-awareness and emotional intelligence, developing an executive presence, and becoming a thought leader. Next you'll learn how to expand your perspective from local to global, innovate by viewing challenges with a fresh lens, and improve your decision-making skills. Lastly, you'll learn how to cultivate and nurture a stellar team: attract top talent, inspire your team with broad-based support, and explore tactics for creating rapport and building meaningful relationships. Each chapter of this course is coupled with a coaching story that shows you how to apply these concepts to real-world situations.
On demandAll staffN/AAvailable on demand via lynda.com
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Self-awareness, Authenticity and Leadership
Bill George's approach to leadership, based on self-awareness and authenticity, is widely considered the gold standard in the field. Here Bill discusses these two traits of every proven leader. He provides an effective and human approach to not just leadership, but overall self-improvement. Learn how to examine your strengths and weaknesses, solicit honest feedback, and become more authentic in how you behave and lead.
On demandAll staffN/AAvailable on demand via lynda.com
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