Graduate Certificate of Higher Education Learning and Teaching Course code: E510

A staff member required to undertake the Graduate Certificate of Higher Education Learning and Teaching (GCHELT) must complete it prior to the end of their probation period.

Completion of the GCHELT will form a performance objective and will be recorded as such in DeakinAchieve.

You can view the GCHELT course structure here.

Enrolment Process

If you wish to enrol in and undertake the GCHELT, you are required to apply using the Deakin University’s online application portal.

Once the application is accepted, the staff member will be advised of this via an email from the University and will receive information on how to enrol.

All staff are required to generate a student username and password and enrol via StudentConnect. 

Further information on how to log on to StudentConnect and how to enrol will be sent once the application has been accepted. Click here for a general description of the enrolment process for all students.

Should you have any enrolment related queries, you can email or call (03) 522 71359.


The GCHELT is a full fee paying course. Staff who may be sponsored by their school or faculty either wholly or partially for fees are required to complete the Fee Exemption Form and email the completed form to

Please ensure your subject header is GCHELT Fee Exemption.

Credit for Prior Learning and Exemption Categories

  1. Staff are required to have satisfactorily completed an equivalent qualification or a qualification at a higher level focused on teaching in higher education at a recognised institution.
  2. The staff member must provide evidence demonstrating their proficiency in teaching to enable student learning relevant to the discipline. Such evidence is likely to be comprised of several of the following:
    1. current or recent success in teaching in higher education, based on comprehensive quantitative and qualitative student feedback over time
    2. receipt of a teaching award, or a grant or fellowship strongly related to teaching and learning
    3. publications relating to teaching and learning
    4. completion of a teaching qualification not focused on higher education.
  3. The staff member must have been appointed primarily to a research or clinical position, provided they do not undertake a role as Course Director or Unit Chair.

GCHELT exemption process 

All enquiries for exemption from the GCHELT OR credit for prior learning towards the GCHELT must be made to the Course Director: 

Course Director

Cheryl Ryan, +61 3 522 71498,
Staff can receive either a full or partial exemption for the GCHELT, as determined by the Course Director.
When submitting an application for exemption please submit the following information to the Course Director:

  • a covering letter outlining your case;
  • CPL Form;
  • a short CV; and
  • supporting documentation (See exemption categories above).

Applications for exemption from the requirement to complete the GCHELT are to be submitted by the staff member to the Course Director GCHELT. Such applications will be considered and, if appropriate, approved by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) (DVCE) on the advice of the Course Director, GCHELT, and the Executive Dean (Faculty of Arts and Education).

The Course Director, GCHELT, will then advise applicants of the outcome.

In cases of a full exemption from the GCHELT, the staff member will receive a confirmation of the full exemption from the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) and no application or enrolment into the GCHELT is required. 

In cases where staff have received a partial exemption, their credit for prior learning details will be forwarded to Student Services and recorded.

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