Deakin People Excellence Program (DPEP)

This program is designed for our emerging people leaders (HEW 6/7 formal supervisors) who are ready to challenge themselves and learn more about their leadership style, management and how to be successful at Deakin.


DeakinLead 2020 update

Based on current advice and the changes and challenges that Deakin is currently facing, we have decided to refocus our efforts on supporting Deakin staff and people leaders more broadly in 2020.

We look forward to proceeding with a new version of DeakinLead in 2021. Should you wish to register your interest for future programs, please email

In the meantime, we will continue to develop a range of virtual workshops, resources and other tools of support for you such as:

In addition, some other useful resources you may wish to access during this time include:



The number of applications we receive generally exceed the number of places available. We work with the leaders in each portfolio and faculty to determine which applicants will secure a place in the program.

To apply for DPEP, the applicants must have formal direct reports. This does not include casual staff, interns or informal supervision. In this instance, interested staff can apply for DEEP.

Staff who have applied to participate in DEEP/DPEP previously but have been unsuccessful, are not restricted from applying for future rounds. However, please ensure you still meet the application criteria, the program is linked to your development aspirations and you have support from your manager. Please note, we cannot give preference to those who have missed out on a place in the program in previous years. The Head of Area will rank applications, based on those who will most benefit from undertaking the program.

Heads of Area rank the applicants from their Area, based on those who will most benefit from undertaking the program.

Applicants who can attend all program dates are prioritised over those who can’t as it does impact the outcome of the program for both the applicant and fellow participants.


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