The Smart Networks Lab is designed to deliver the world leading research and emerging technologies by solving the practical problems in complex network data systems. It will provide a real time systematic solution to address the challenging tasks in the full process of data collection, data maintenance, data analytics, and decision making.

The research strength of this lab assists clients with providing high precision, low computational time and costs by supplying advanced analytics & optimisation in:

  • Knowledge graph systems
  • Social network computing
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Web technologies
  • Personalised education service
  • Network data privacy protection
  • Smart city

We aim to deliver high-quality, innovative, data-driven research and development on:

  • Community discovery
  • Knowledge representation
  • Graph neural network & graph embedding
  • Distributed computation and learning
  • Spatial temporal pattern recognition
  • Data clustering and visualization
  • Information diffusion
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Outlier and event detection
  • Query refinement and optimisation
  • NLP problem solving
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