Hear from our Researchers

As a member of our community, you can delve in and hear from our researchers directly on their research, why it matters and where to next!  Here you will find interviews, images, film and audio content which supports and unpacks the work in ‘Science and Drama’.

CHAPTER 1 – WATCH: Sparking Learning! Peta Jo and Kitty chat about what brought this book together, why they care about the work and what they hope for you in reading it!

CHAPTER 3 – REFLECT: Meaning in the Middle. This is how Kitty’s brain works when thematically and relationally mapping her research!

CHAPTER 4 – WATCH: The Treatment of Dr Lister – Watch the work you read about in Sue Davis’ research! (Password: drama). FULL VERSION HERE: The Treatment of Dr Lister, 1980, Documentary Film, Producers: John Carroll & Dorothy Heathcote, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

CHAPTER 6 –  WATCH: Delia and Dayle chat with Kitty about the New Zealand context for this learning, their passions and how being a team made the difference to their work!

CHAPTER 9 – WATCH:  Jo Raphael breaks down how drama can support students to explore complex scientific issues – and illustrates this practice through stem-cell therapies. 

CHAPTER 10 – WATCH: Shelley and Joe chat with Kitty about the importance of engaging girls in this work, the magic that can happen in interdisciplinary learning and how new technology and data collection informed their process.

CHAPTER 12 – LISTEN: James Davis Podcast on Dramaturgy and Emotional Energy; and REFLECT on a thematic wordcloud from James’ research.