Deakin Science and Society Network

To meet the great challenges of this century, scientists and humanities and social science researchers need to work together. No single academic field can bring about the changes we need to see in the world. Bridging disciplinary divides is the key to finding new solutions to the problems we face.

Our work

Climate change, habitat and biodiversity loss, food and water security, and global health are among some of humanity’s biggest challenges. These issues are interconnected and require social researchers and scientists to work together to develop solutions. The Deakin Science and Society Network reaches across the disciplinary divides of our universities and institutions, and the divides between research, policy and practice. We emphasise the effective communication and translation of research, as the benefits of knowledge can’t be fully realised unless information is shared widely across different audiences.

The Deakin Science and Society Network supports science-literate social research and socially-engaged science that makes an impact.

Professor Emma Kowal
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Dr Euan Ritchie
Deputy Convenor, Communication and Outreach
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Dr. Timothy Neale
Deputy Convenor, Collaborations
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