Undergraduate Study

Bachelor of Arts – Philosophy Major

Burwood (Melbourne), Waurn Ponds (Geelong), Cloud (Online)

Philosophy provides an introduction to most of the central themes in contemporary philosophical studies. A distinctive feature of the major is its focus upon Asian philosophy, psychoanalysis and philosophy as practiced in continental Europe. Individual units cover questions which deal with the nature of human existence; value, belief and purpose; and knowledge and belief.

On successful completion of the Philosophy major sequence, students should have the following skills:

  • an ability to develop and articulate abstract ideas
  • an ability to reflect upon and critique assumptions about life, values and society
  • an ability for logical thinking and rational argument
  • an ability to debate philosophical issues arising in fields such as ethics, political values, knowledge systems, religion and interpersonal relationships.


Units available:

Level 1

Trimester 1

ASP129 Love, Sex and Death


Trimester 2

ASP102 World Religions

Levels 2 and 3

Select 6 credit points with at least 2 credit points at level 2 and at least 2 credit points at level 3 from the following:

Trimester 1

ASP307 Philosophy and the Meaning of Life
ASP208 Introduction to Logical Reasoning
ASP209 Freedom and Subjectivity
ASP214 Political Philosophy
ASP215 Philosophy, Happiness, and the Good Life


Trimester 2

ASP216 Ethics in Global Society
ASP224 Freud and Philosophy
ASP326 Language and Reality
ASP227 Philosophies of Religion: Western, Asian, and Contemporary Inquiries
ASP228 Philosophy, Art, Film


Trimester 3

ASP102 World Religions  *
ASP129 Love, Sex and Death  *

* ASP102 and ASP129 are offered via Cloud (online) only in trimester 3.