Honours in Philosophy

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) provides students with the opportunity to study their chosen discipline area at an advanced level. Bachelor of Arts (Honours) graduates are eligible to apply for entry to masters and doctoral research programs.


The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) program will provide intellectual stimulation, academic achievement and personal enrichment. You will be given the opportunity to undertake a substantial and original research project whilst being under the supervision of an academic with a proven research record. The skills acquired will enhance your future career prospects in a broad range of occupations in both private and public sectors, giving you an edge, compared with a straight undergraduate pass degree.

You will undertake study at a higher level than your previously completed undergraduate degree, both in your honours coursework units and when you carry out research for your thesis. The thesis allows you to focus on an area of particular interest to you, and provides the opportunity to make a contribution to knowledge and wider debates in your discipline.

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