Nietzsche: Aristocratic Rebel, 24-26 February 2021

Nietzsche: Aristocratic Rebel

Responses to Dominic Losurdo’s Nietzsche

The release in translation of Dominic Losurdo’s Nietzsche: The Aristocratic Rebel (2020) comes as Nietzsche is again being claimed by leaders of the global antiliberal Right as a spiritual inspiration.  Losurdo’s work, which uses the methodologies of intellectual history, challenges Nietzsche’s widespread reception as an apolitical, untimely, individualistic thinker.  It claims we can only coherently read all of Nietzsche, without omissions and elisions, once we acknowledge his metapolitical project of overthrowing the egalitarian ideals and legatees of 1789, and the societies of the “last men” he claims they birthed.

This global convocation, conducted by Zoom, brings together N. American, European, and Australian experts to debate, critique, and weigh Losurdo’s book, and the different subjects it raises.

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Wed 24 Feb 2021, 9 am EST

  • Robert Holub (Columbia)
  • Ronald Beiner (Toronto)
  • Harrison Fluss (New York)

Thu 25 Feb, 7 pm EST

  • Nicholas Martin (Birmingham)
  • Martin Ruehl (Cambridge)
  • Ishay Landa (Open U. of Israel)

Fri 26 Feb, 7 am EST

  • Vanessa Lemm (Deakin)
  • Ruth Abbey (Swinburne)
  • Michael Ure (Monash)