Living the Dream: A Longitudinal Study

5th Avenue, New York


Welcome to the Overseas Study Repository on Searching for the American Dream. This website is sponsored by Deakin University and charts students from 1999 – 2011 who undertook this overseas intensive, initially run by The University of Melbourne. This repository will be added to over time as more information is garnered from the alumni, and it is hoped that the information will be used in scholarly articles on internationalisation and for staff choosing to run their own overseas intensives. It contains a bibliography of critical articles and chapters from a pertinent book on the area which references this unit of study. There is also a sample itinerary, Youtube clips, the results of questionnaires undertaken by a range of students on the impact of overseas intensives and examples of assessment on tumblr. Please spend some time reading the information on this website and email us if you would like to add your article or book to the bibliography.

The International Experience