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There is a lot to think about when you are planning for your future career and choosing the degree that could help you get there. It makes sense to find a balance between your skills and interests and the industries that show strong employment prospects.

But sometimes the unexpected happens – and the events of 2020 are a good example. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many industries and jobs, and perhaps permanently changed the way many of us will work in the future. This offers an interesting opportunity to see which industries were the most resilient to the challenges of 2020 – and which jobs and skills show the most promising opportunities for the future.

Burning Glass Technologies reviews millions of online job ads each year from tens-of-thousands of different web sources. Deakin University’s Marketing Division have compared their 2019 and 2020 occupations and skills data, to learn more about the impact the pandemic has had on the job market.

Play the video below to find out what they discovered.

How Deakin can prepare you for the in-demand jobs of the future

Deakin is one of the leading Australian universities for graduate outcomes. In fact, according to the 2020 Graduate Outcomes Survey, Deakin has the best employment rate for bachelor degree graduates in the Australian state of Victoria.

This is because of Deakin’s commitment to providing a practical, industry informed education that helps you to be ready for their future career.

According to the 2020 Graduate Outcomes Survey, Deakin has the best employment rate for bachelor degree graduates in the Australian state of Victoria.


Connected to industry

Deakin has industry partnerships across all our study areas, from local schools and healthcare organisations to global corporations such as Microsoft and PwC.  These partnerships help to inform our degrees and ensure you learn the skills employers are looking for. These industry partnerships also offer exciting opportunities for you to explore real-world case studies and assignments. Plus, many of our degrees offer relevant industry accreditation, so you will graduate with a recognised qualification.


Hands-on learning

Deakin’s approach to learning puts the emphasis on practical experience. Whatever degree you choose, opportunities for industry placements and internships will give you the chance to apply your knowledge and explore your career options. Deakin has also invested in the latest technology, state-of-the-art learning tools and facilities, so you benefit from hands-on learning and opportunities to develop your skills.

Discover our students’ testimonials including how we help our students become career-ready and how our students receive job placements after graduating.


Specialised graduate employment support

DeakinTALENT is Deakin University’s careers and employment service. It has been voted the #1 university career service in Australia four years in a row by the Australian Association of Graduate Employers. From careers resources and workshops to internship and freelancing opportunities, DeakinTALENT’s services are a great way to explore your career options and build your employability. Plus, Deakin students and graduates have access to DeakinTALENT’s services for life – so we can support you no matter where you are in your career.


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