Studying whenever and wherever I want

My name is Maria Kosberg and I’m currently studying postgraduate data analytics online at Deakin, while living in Norway. Besides studying, I’m working full-time as a Performance Adviser at the Norwegian Refugee Council in Oslo. I have a husband and two little boys that also require a lot of my attention, which is why I am studying online with Deakin via the Cloud Campus. It’s been super flexible; I’ve essentially been able to study whenever and wherever I want.

I previously studied a Bachelor of Business in Australia where I focused on statistics and economics. My majors were Marketing and Human Resource Management. I’ve also worked within education, healthcare and in the financial industry.

I’ve always been interested in marketing, particularly on the analytical side, which is what motivated me to study analytics. Studying at Deakin gives me the opportunity to focus on the field of analytics, and that’s actually what I’m doing here at the Norwegian Refugee Council – I’m an Analyst.

Working at the Norwegian Refugee Council

I’m halfway through my course now and because it’s so flexible I can choose to fast track it and study full-time, or if I need more time, I can pace myself and take breaks when necessary. It’s quite helpful for me being a full-time employee and mother; to be able to have that flexibility and not be stressed about completing my course by a certain time. That is one of the major reasons I chose Deakin and this course.

Deakin has pounced on the newest technology to deliver their courses remotely in the most interactive and enriching way. You can really see that they are trying to test out and develop all the time to improve the online platform. That’s what I really like about Deakin – they’re always on the forefront of their technology to make it the best they can for the students and the lecturers.

Deakin has strong links to industry and they’re applying that to their teaching. I’ve seen it through all seven subjects I’ve taken so far – real-life examples of real-world issues. I’m able to draw so much into my own professional experience throughout my career.

You don’t have to go to Deakin to study at all – you can do it all remotely. I’ve taken all my exams at an exam centre organised by Deakin. All I need to do is nominate the city closest to me.

Actually, I’ve taken two of my exams in Ireland because I was travelling around the time of my exams, the rest I’ve taken in Oslo. As long as you nominate the actual exam centre by a certain time, Deakin will accommodate. They have exam centres all over the world. I can graduate and complete the course fully without having seen the campus or academics face to face.

You might think you would be lost and lonely, but you really are not. The lecturers are completely accessible, and I can write to them at any time – even during a lecture – and my questions will be answered either immediately or at the end of the lecture. I can send an email to the lecturer directly or I can use the online forum, where I can also see what others have asked, and sometimes learn from their questions as well. Through my studies thus far, I’ve never felt that I cannot reach out and speak to my peers or to the academics. It’s really the perfect setup!

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