If you are looking for great, friendly and supportive people, you will find them at Deakin

Hi, my name is Christian Bartsch and I just finished my postgraduate Business Administration studies at Deakin. It’s taken quite a while to finish and it’s been quite a journey, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

When I finished university in Germany 15 years ago, I knew I wanted to work in finance, but not in banking. I chose Deakin because it was innovative and a rather young university, which allowed me to study long-distance.

I’ve studied most of my degree online from Germany, where I used podcasts, video podcasts and participated in group work via Skype and video link. It was very flexible and a great experience for me. Due to the flexibility the Cloud offers, I’ve been able to undertake my exams whilst travelling. Therefore, I’ve actually never taken an exam in my home town Munich, but rather in Cape Town, Orlando and Frankfurt. Deakin was always able to provide me with an exam centre close to where I was at that specific time.

At the Geelong Waterfront

During my time studying at Deakin, I’ve been back and forth a bit between Germany and Australia. Not always mandatory trips, but necessary for me to move forward with my studies. I sometimes combined the trips with a holiday and have brought family and friends along with me.

At one point I decided to focus on my studies and took six months’ sabbatical from work. My wife and I moved to Melbourne and I started writing my thesis at Deakin Downtown, also regularly meeting with my supervisor, who was based at the Burwood campus.

During this time, we also managed to travel a fair bit and see a bit more of Australia. It was a great time and deepened my connection to Australia, which started already with a student exchange back in high school, so I really consider Melbourne my second home.

Exploring at the Twelve Apostles

What I remember the most from my time at Deakin is all the great and friendly people – from students, administration to professors.

Today I work as a manager and consultant for corporate finance/treasury in Munich, Germany and now with my Deakin postgraduate degree under my belt, I feel ready to take on even more responsibility in a position such as a CFO at a medium-sized company.

Even after years of working in finance, as well as owning my own business, the time at Deakin really taught me how to think more strategically and analytically than before.

My dad and I had made an agreement that if I ever got to graduate, the two of us would travel to Australia and participate in the graduation in person.

In February 2019 the day had come and we made our way to Australia and I proudly graduated. The icing on the cake for me was that my very supportive Professor Monica Keneley was attending the ceremony and I met her again in person.

Graduation, alongside Professor Monica Keneley

For further information about studying at Deakin and courses that relate to Business Administration, visit our MBA page.

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